Personalised Dog Harness NO PULL Reflective Pet Harness

Personalised Dog Harness NO PULL Reflective Pet Harness

Please measure your dog before ordering and allow 2-3cm for each measurement you take.


Premium, Personalised, Adjustable NO PULL, Reflective Harness.



- Free Personalisation patch (or plain if you prefer)

- Stainless Steel D Ring to clip your lead to.

- Thick, durable Nylon handle for you to grip the Harness.

- Easy to wear

- Reflective, suitable at night or early mornings

- Breathable and comfortable for all Dogs.

  • Measurements

    How to measure your dog.

    1. The chest girth is taken from  behind the front legs start on the top by the spine and measure all the way around the dog's chest and back to the starting point.

    2. The neck girth is taken from the shoulder blade to above the front legs.

    3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 at least three times to ensure you have the correct measurements.

    Size Suitable for bust (cm) Suitable for neck (cm) Suitable for weight (kg)
    XS 39-47 30-38 3-7
    S 45-58 36-47 6-12
    M 51-67 47-64 11-24
    L 66-90 50-68 23-38
    XL 71-97 56-77 28-43
    XXL 75-101 61-85 40-60


    *** Please use the exact CHEST and NECK GIRTH measurement to determine if the harness would fit you dog.


PriceFrom £14.99